The People Pleaser

Why bother blogging?  I have always been drawn to writing.  In fact, it is how I say I survived my teen years.  I mostly wrote when I was incredibly sad or angry.  I wrote about things that I could never say out loud or let people know how I really feel.  But now, I feel like blogging can help me share what I have learned over these past few decades in my career as an educator.  If I was to describe my personality before I began teaching, I would say that I was a bonafide people pleaser.

Now, to many people “people pleaser” is not a dirty phrase…they are words they are proud of.  And that is great.  But for me, I realized that most of my childhood/teen years had been about pleasing others, keeping my opinions to myself and not sharing my passions.  As time went on and I learned about the craft of teaching, I found strength in expressing my thoughts and opinions. My personality is one of peace not brashness and I didn’t feel that I needed to change in order to share my thoughts….but I did feel I needed to share.  After a couple of decades, I used the term “recovering people pleaser”.  It may sound silly but that phrase has served me well.  It is given me the confidence to speak when needed and stay quiet when the situation deems it necessary.

So what is the purpose of this blog? Well, as seen by the first post, it is a way for me to share my thoughts about the experiences I am having/had.  I had actually been planning on starting a blog long before my cancer diagnosis but….there is nothing like the big C to push you to live in the moment.  That is my goal. To live life facing forward.  To leave the past in the rear view mirror and take those experiences and strengthen my soul.  To learn how to look at my experiences, warts and all, and see them as events only  – no emotional attachment.  Take note: That is my goal….I am still working on it!

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