Faith Over Fear

Blind Faith…..¬† Faith over fear….

These are some of the things that I am repeating to myself as we are driving over to the breast surgeon. It has been exactly one week since I found out that cancer is in my breast. I have done a lot of work towards coming to an understanding that this has become part of my journey. It may not have been a path I was expecting to take ( in fact I have said this past week that I am the last person I thought that would have cancer ). But here it is. And now I have to make a choice. Am I just going to sit and cry and bemoan my situation? Or am I going to walk my talk and have faith. Have faith that I am being taken on this path for a reason.  Have faith that whatever treatment I need, I am safe and I will use this experience to become even stronger. I still consider myself a healthy person. I still consider myself strong.

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